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What should I look for in renting office space

Now that you’ve decided to rent office space (and there are a lot of reasons to rent office space, you want to decide what you want from your office space. This will help you find the best place for your business to flourish. But the world of commercial real estate can be difficult to navigate – especially for those unfamiliar with the process or renting an office space for the first time. We want to offer some advice and things to consider as you look into our listings.
How Much Space do you Need?
It is important not to rent something larger than what you need. It could lead to spending valuable resources on empty, unused space. This may seem obvious, but as a start-up, this could be and difficult guess to make. Your business may grow – and grow exponentially, we hope! – leading to a need for more space. When thinking about this, be realistic. While you may hope that your business takes off, it might be better to be reserved in your estimate and then move to a larger space. The benefit of working with DCG Development is that we will try to find a space for you in every step of your growth and development – that way, we can continue to build trust as you call our properties home.

Ask Questions of Many People
When looking through all the paperwork and confusing language, it is important to ask questions. The legalities and liabilities described within a lease are meant to be read and understood, though the legal jargon can sometimes get in the way. Make sure you know what you are agreeing to when you sign a lease and that you are clear on every point. It might take a bit of work – but it will pay off in the long run as you will better understand the terms and conditions of your rental. It might be worth it to seek legal aid in reviewing your lease before you sign.

Who Pays for Maintenance?
Many residential leases require the landlord to take care of maintenance of the property. Commercial leasing is different and maintenance responsibilities could be divided among the landlord and the tenant. This is the norm for commercial leases, but can often take new renters by surprise.

Location, Location, Location
Where do you want your business located? Think about what the needs of the business would be. How close to your favorite supply store? Your favorite lunch spot? Your home? Where you want to draw your employees from? All of these can help you determine the best spot for your new office. If you are unfamiliar with the area, ask us and we’ll let you know what is around.

Neighbors are Important
Ask your potential neighbors how they feel about the location and rental. They will be an invaluable resource in finding out information about the location. They can also help out with a lot of great information like mailbox drop-off times, traffic and weather conditions around the site, and give you a sense of the work environment.

Commercial Leasing is Hard – We Can Help

Here at DCG Development, we understand that this is a big step for you and your business. We want you to be as informed as possible so that you will feel comfortable and happy with your rental experience. Please call us with any questions you have @ (518) 371-RENT (7368). If you’re excited to rent your first office space for your business, look through our commercial real estate and office space listingsand contact us! We’d love to help you with your decision and find the perfect place for you.

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