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How do I know renting office space is for me?

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There comes a point where every independent business person must confront the option of renting or buying office space to accommodate their business. It can seem like a big step – because it is. Renting office space gives your business a physical location; it gives your business more personality and ultimately gives the business a more legitimate direction in the eyes of potential clients and customers. But jumping into the world of commercial property can be stressful and might not be for everyone. We’ve compiled a few reasons to rent office space based on our current clients and the business culture to help you figure it out. If any of these seem to fit you, please contact us or look over our listings to see if we have the right office space for you.

Reasons to Rent Office Space:

  1. Professional Meetings – Do you find yourself meeting with clients but not having a good place to meet them? This is a common problem for independent business owners. Professional meetings with clients can be a difficult thing if you are operating out of a home office. Home offices come with the added stress of maintaining a ‘professional’ home with its attendant cleaning, organization, and noise-levels.

  2. Office Space is a Home Away From Home – Having office space can lend itself to better stress management. If you have a home office, it can sometimes be impossible to get away from work (the desk is only a few feet away). By leasing an office, you free your home from the business world. And, you can leave work at work. Maintaining healthy boundaries can help you relax more when you are home and reduce overall stress.

  3. Networking – By leasing an office, you have the opportunity to work in a space with other businesses, such as a downtown area or business office center. This will give you a built in community of like-minded individuals to network with, collaborate, and attract new clients and connections.

  4. Growth and Stability – Renting an office is the next step towards growing your business. Leases are usually short-term and allow for your business to grow in size between lease periods. By leasing your office space, you can make sure that you will never be cramped – instead, you can upgrade to a new space when the time is right. Along with this, having a physical office location promises stability to your clients.

  5. Marketing Values -Having a physical address can help with many issues of marketing, especially internet marketing. By having office hours, a dedicated phone line, and office space, you open your business up more interaction with clients and colleagues.

We hope that his helps you out in deciding whether or not you are looking to lease an office space for your business. If you do, check out our available spaces for current listings and rates. DCG Development would love to have you as a client and help give your business the added edge to succeed in today’s world. With commercial leasing and rentals throughout the Capital Region, including Albany, Malta, and Saratoga Springs

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